C-123's in SEA
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LTC Joe Jackson Interview:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SSVi7pf9tk

Thunder Pig (restored C123):http://www.airheritage.org/c123.html
Ponderous Polly (restored C123) :http://www.ponderouspolly.org                                                                                                            
Popular Science,  February 1952 Article on the "NEW" C-123 submitted by BG Anthony Liguori:  AirTruck.pdf
National Geographic Article 1965 submitted by John MacknationalgeographicC123articleiii.pdf
C-123's in SEA(an article by Sam McGowan):  http://www.sammcgowan.com/c123.html


The attached mini memoir is an account of the very early years of the C-123's in Vietnam.  An excellent article by Phil Melvin. P.Melvin.pdf


For a good read about the C-123 SEA trash haulers get "Charlie" Brown's Vietnam Journal by Garnett C. Brown, Jr. Publish America @ 301-695-1707


Excerpts about Harry's Hog Haulers and the 311th from  the book  "The Doom Pussy"  Doompussy.pdf


AF Magazine 1968 Article "16 Tons" AFmagazinearticle1968.pdf


Humorous Article  PaddyPollHumorousArticle.pdf


VNAF Pilot's Hard Landing: http://www.vnafmamn.com/hall-offame/amazing_story.html

Great article on Ranch Hand:      http://voteview.com/0800ranch.pdf 
Agent orange health problems:    www.c123kcancer.blogspot.com
bswett.com:  http://www.bswett.com  be sure and check out his diary and comments about various places.
Location of Old C-123 providershttp://www.oldprops.ukhome.net/C123%20Census.htm
USAF TAIL NUMBERS:  How they developed, and huge treasure of info on what happened to practically every individual  aircraft.  Absolutely  amazing site.                      http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_serials/usafserials.html
Some great pics and great stories:  http://www.petester.com/skip/sttsn.html
THE WHITE WHALE:  http://vc-123.org
Great Book about 606 NKPwww.flyingthroughmidnight.com
Candlestick Yearbook 1968-1969 (Many great personnel photos)                                   
Sam McGowan (Airlift Historian)/ Tactical Airlift Association site :www.troopcarrier.org/home.html
PICS OF 2008 REUNION AND PHAN RANG/310th Hooch, ETC: http://www.bldg626.org/
Great Site on Phan Rang:  http://geocities-pentagon.com/index.html
A SON'S TRIBUTE TO HIS FATHER: A C-123 pilot MIA in SEA:www.miacarljackson.com  .  (See Guestbook comment #27.  Maybe someone can help.)
WILLY HACKETT: A children's story about a C-123  WillyHackett.pdf
C-130's to Dominican Republic:  Several former C-123  personnel mentionedpowpack.pdf
THE VIETNAM WALL:  http://www.virtualwall.org/